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Feb 9, 2021

Welp I done fucked myself. I started a website because I was bored and thought learning to code might be fun. Now I'm taking CS50 through Harvard's free course program and oh my fucking goddess. I've never felt so dumb which is honestly cool, it feels really good to feel really and truly challenged in problem solving.

But it's a LOT. And I feel the need to finish it, and I think I can finish it.

I just don't want to focus on anything else. I spent like 12 hours doing it yesterday I can't get enough.

But now coming back to html... wow... C is so hard for me.


Feb 7, 2021

Sorry to be boring two days in a row, but here we are! I started taking this online course called CS50 through this Harvard online free classes thing and I'm not gonna lie, it's prtty cool, though mentally tiring which I actually really enjoy! I feel like I'm finally dusting off some brain cobwebs. Anyway, this is all to say I did my project this morning and now my brain is tired and ya girl could really go for a nap.

I'm playing D&D tonight which should be fun but I'm a little nervous because they're all Kyle's friends and like... they go way back lol. Whatever, if there's anything that can bring a group of nerds together it's D&D!

I decided this morning I'm on the hunt for a new friend. I should be getting the vaccine soon! Which means I can talk to another human being and have someone over and drink coffee and craft and make TikToks and just. God I need a feminine energy in this home. I've never had so few girlfriends, not even one. And even if I did, what are we gonna do? Hang out? Which is why I've decided to BOLO!

I've been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac lately and I have to say, I've always enjoyed them but lately it's just been hitting different and I just want to take a moment to express that I'm grateful! OMG Okay I just figured out what I'm going to do with my homepage since it blows so hard right now. I'm going to add a "blog" like this one (AKA use the same CSS for you other Webmasters) but it'll be my "Twitter" but I'll call it Bitter. Instead of tweets I'll call them beats and I'll rap what it says. Jk :) but only about that last part!

Okay I made it and immediately got rid of it because wow was I immediately exhausted thinking about trying to keep up with that.

Kyle, if you're reading... I love you, bitch. and I aint ever gonna stop lovin you... BITCH.


Feb 6, 2021

Come one, come all, for I have a tale to wax. Not really, I just thought that would be a cool intro :) it looks like i have less to say than I thought today! I'm going to save this anyway, maybe I come back and update it, maybe not. Either way, I hope whomever is reading this has a good day! You deserve it!

Okay, I'm back. Took a selfie! So that's EXCITING. It is currently THREE DEGREES here in Chicago. I am BUNDLED up. And CONSIDERING going to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee since I'm out :( which is probably the worst thing to happen to me all week.

I just had a teensy bit of a mental breakdown (notice how I strategically place it in the middle of a boring post? If you got this far you, yes YOU, I love you, bitch). Anyway, I just got really sad about my beloved kitty that passed away last summer, this still happens every other week. I'm OK, it was time, but she was also my baby and I miss her.

I've been so depressed for so long that now that I'm finally on meds that work... I'm exhausted! I've never spent so much time engaged. I'm tired and want to relax, but I can't stop doing things! I probably just need to drink more water. Hopefully that'll just kinda fix everything lol.


Feb 5, 2021

I have spent an entire morning trying to format one page, like six hours, and I'm so close I can taste it but I want to scream because it's just barely not right and I'm so mad.


I'm a little annoyed because I ttried to build it from scratch, but nothing would work like I wanted, so I just copy pasted the code from my pixel art page and adjusted where I needed but even that took an hour. I like to understand how and why things work, so I'm a little frustrated I don't know what was wrong whenever the text was basically the same. But ya know what? I'll take this victory!.

Wow that was exhausting. Yall. I don't want to go to work. Like, at all. I just wanna stay home and work on my site :) but work is how I'm able to so I guess I'll go. I really want a work from home gig.... maybe someday!

I started taking the Harvard CS50 class (the free one lol) from home. I feel like the structure will help me learn. I tried to get into JavaScript but it turns out the things I wanted to do you need server side access!! Bruh! I wanted to make my own Guestbook and I wanted a counter of how many times a button was clicked, just for fun, but noooo.

Anyway, that's been my day! Nothing crazy, nothing interesting, nothing ccrazy interesting. I'm about to go work on my About Me some more so I'm saving all the good writing for that ;) love ya bitch xoxo


Feb 4, 2021

Guess who didn't blog yesterday even though I promised I would! Sorry yall, I got caught up doing sites stuff and then had volunteering for a few hours then I just wasn't in the mood and so here we are!

I figured out a huge issue yesterday and I'm so proud of myself! It was this blog page. I posted about it on reddit and it got 600 likes so that was cool. I'm excited to be part of the programming community! I'm nervous about joining a mal dominated community, but the only way to change that is for people like me to get into it so, here I go!

Today I'm going to try my hand at JavaScript :) I want a page counter and I want to do my own guestbook, I don't like having to rely on someone else's. I THINK I understand how forms and input/output work (for the most part at a beginner level lol) so that's my challenge and goal of today.

I also want to stay on top of drinking water today! Ya girl has been slacking and I don't like when I get like this, I get headaches. I know theoretically humans can go a day or two without water, but I have trouble making it through a whole sleep!

I'm hoping to have a very productive day! I don't care what I do I just want to stay active and engaged.

Well, that's all the steam I have for now :) I'll see you n00bs l8r ;)


Feb 3, 2021

Using this post to practice spacing on my blog. I'm so close to having it how I want!

Edit: Oh my god it took me two hours but I got it I'm going to cry omfg I'm so proud of myself


Feb 2, 2021
Plague Doctor

later that day tho lol

I just couldn't wait, sue me!

Well. I learned how to do pixel art today and subsequently became laser focused obsessed for the entire day. I think I actually created some pretty cool things! I did a sunrise, some kitties, a plague doctor lol. It was actually a lot of fun.

I'm aware this is my 'fad of the week' and I'll be bored and onto something new within the month, but I'm very happy to add this into the rotation! It's also cool to learn a whole new skill. I've learned so much about HTML and CSS in a few days and it's been amazing! I also learned I love making pixel art!

Welp, that's enough screen time. I need to give the lover some loving :) I'll see yall again soon.


Feb 02, 2017

Well I need some sort of content to actually fill my web page, don't I? I thought it might be fun to try and blog/journal online. Just little life stuff. I'll be Frank. I'm Shady. But seriously I just enjoy talking about myself and I've been wanting to experiment with this medium for a while!

Let's see. I spend my time working on my YouTube and making TikToks as my presence, I hope to incorporate this soon! As far as a personality I'm into crafting, watercolor, reading, writing, crosswords, obsessed with my cat and coffee, baking, crochet, thrifting, and just hanging out smoking weed and listening to music :)

As with all of my media presence I aim to be as authentic as possible! And I'll be real, I've been really into smoking (and eating) lately! It's really helped me cut back on my drinking, which makes me feel way better and I've already lost some bloat weight.

Let's see, more about me. I'm 25! I got on anti depressants a year ago and I have so much energy because of it. So I'm trying to figure it out and find myself! I've been majorly depressed for so long there's no old me to get back to, so I'm mostly starting from scratch. I was expecting I'd kill myself before 21 so now I'm finally making plans for the rest of my life. I might go to school, I might not, I'm kinda giving myself a year to be me!

I'm hoping in this year anything else will take off because I don't want all the school debt, but a girl's gotta do what she must!

Okay! I think that's enough for now, I really just wanted to try and make a separate blog page, but we'll see!

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