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My Youtube Videos

Let me be your dictator

Where my manic episode mostly ended lol. What can I say, I think I'd be a good dictator.

My Manifesto - Organizing the Alt Left

Just leaning into it lol. I get manic epsidoes, okay? Still want to be a cult leader...

You're Being Exploited - We Have The Money

I got on new meds and holy shit have I changed for the better! Insane! I'm leaning into my crazy because I love her. This site is part of that. I started really leaning into my political self which I love. I want to post a whole political page! I legit love politics and economics

Vodka Aunt at Christmas

My second favorite video! Probably my funniest! I loved it so much, I always wanted it to do better than it did.

Doing my boyfriend's makeup blindfolded.

Depression got worse, fewer videos, this was one of the few that made the cute. We had a blast :)

The Twelve Phases of Quarantine (Parody of Twelve Days of Christmas)

Omfg I spent so much time making this. I actually recorded around 12 hours and this was one of the earlier takes because I did a lot of small segment practice and once I had it "down" it was bed time and my voice was fucked the next day. Still, had a GREAT time making this.

True (or False) Crime

My first video that did really well! Ever since then I have suffered in it's shadow lol. But forreal it was so good! I had such a good time! We've made three others but they all got fucked up for one reason or another :/

Hunter X Hunter Top 10 Antagonists Ranked

This was so fun! I regret not editing it more. I could've done way better with scripting and timing and adding pics. Maybe I'll go back and redo it! With the news meds I have the patience for that sort of stuff now.

The Brothers Grimm - Little Red Riding Hood

Another voice challenge! Not a fan lol. I wasn't super into this one! Depression, of course. Hello again, old friend.

My Favorite Things (gratitude)

My first video after Angel passed! As you can see I disappeared for a while. I needed to. I was very sad. I'm better now! Tho doing this isn't helping I'll be okay once I'm done :)

One Month on Anti-Depressants + My Experience with Online Doctors (Brightside)

Probably my favorite video, if it only helps one person, ya know? It felt good for me to share, like I was fulfilling my duty. Idk.

The Brothers Grimm - Hansel and Gretel

The voices killed me on this one! I miss Angel. I gotta move on it's making me sad lol.

The Brothers Grimm - The Sleeping Beauty

Oh what a fun one, I had such a good time with Angel during this one!

read with me - spring quarantine

I was really depressed at the time, okay? lol. Pre and post anti-depressants Shady are two totally different people, I needed help helping myself along to do the most basic of tasks. I'm a lot better now :)

The Brothers Grimm - Cinderella

My first Brothers Grimm video! I always thought these would do better than they did. But whatever! I had fun making them!

Read with me! Windows open, gentle city sounds

This is one of those videos I posted just to keep me posting. It's hard for me to get back into things once I start them, so in this way I sorta kept it going by posting this. I know, I'm a lot to deal with.

Hungover Breakfast

I put so much work into this! It was my second video and I learned so much and had such a blast making it. I was always bummed it didn't get more popular because I loved making it so much, I thought I was hilarious. Still do, in fact lol.


My first YouTube video! I was just having a bit of a mental breakdown/freakout and needed to let off some steam!